Bonjour, Hola, Hei, Ciao, Hello!

So this is my first post, I should probably make it EPIC! or maybe just introduce myself and my ambitions for this blog!

I am a 20 something girl living in the big city of London and work in adventure travel. I have been hooked on travelling ever since I was 17 when instead of learning to drive I saved my money so I could go on holiday to Italy. Spending a week in the eternal city at 17 with my friend with no grown ups around to tell me what to do cemented that I most definitely loved travel and wanted to go everywhere! Throughout University I took every opportunity to go away on my microscopic budget, including a 3 week ‘study tour’ of Italy and a week in Berlin when I should have been writing my dissertation… oops!

Since graduating in 2006 I have been working for the top adventure travel company in the country and loving it. I have had the chance to travel to places I could never imagine and meet fabulous people, some of which I will talk about here.

As someone who works in travel I believe I am in a prime position to offer advice and help when it comes to travel matters ( I have become quite good friends with ABTA booking conditions since the many natural disasters that have hit over the last couple of years – yes Icelandic volcano I am talking about you!) and would like to be able to share this.

So all in all I want this to be a place I can share my travelling experiences and hopefully hear about other peoples too, as well as offering my thoughts on travel related news and offer advice and help on travel problems where I can!

so for now adieu


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