UK bound

You don’t have to go on a plane or travel to foreign lands to have a great holiday! Dont get me wrong I love going to new countries but I am also a lover of  travel within the UK as there is so much to see and do but there seems to be some sort of stigma about spending a weekend away or even a weeks holiday in the UK instead of travelling abroad.Its odd to think that so many people struggle to locate places in their own country – in London if you mention somewhere north of Milton Keynes you tend to get an odd look! Why is this when we have some of the most stunning landscape in the world! Surely all those tourists coming to Britain cannot be wrong – we had 2.53million people visit the UK in september 2011 alone!

I spent New Years in the Peak District, it was the second time I have been this year, and its stunning! The scenery is breathtaking ( although I think the lake district wins), there is loads to do from bike rides of all levels, walking, gastro pubs and even spas. I know people think that travelling within the UK is expensive but there are ways of saving money and we definitely saved money this new years by staying in a cottage. Its great fun and you can cook as many meals as you like there or go out and check out the local pubs.

if you don’t want to drive somewhere, then take the train, if you book in advance you can get great savings. I travel by train a lot ( as a non driver I have to) and 9 times out 10 the trains are fine. Yes delays happen but equally you could get stuck in traffic in the car, and at least the train has a toilet!

Our country has so much history, culture and natural beauty I encourage all to spend a little more time in the UK exploring somewhere, when you are thinking about a weekend in Amsterdam or Paris, why not re-think and go to Bristol the home of Banksy, or Bath an ancient city, or York and explore the dales. If you need any help deciding check out the visit Britain website –

With everyone strapped for cash this year,  it also makes sense economically to stay here instead of jetting off, you don’t have to change your money, you don’t spend a fortune in the airports waiting for your flight plus its keeping money in the UK and helping small businesses here at home going! I myself will be heading to Scotland in February and will also be making the rounds to Bristol, Exeter and Gloucester at some point to visit friends and see a little more of our green and pleasant land!


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