Souper Douper!

Soup is amazing, it’s what gets me through the cold winter…. and the moderately warm English summers! Its cheap and tasty and you can stack your freezer full of the stuff! This weeks creation was Tomato and Courgette as inspired by my new favourite cooking blog – Joy the Baker!

The recipe is here . I didn’t add the celery to mine purely because I didn’t have it in, and didn’t add the milk either (did add an extra cup of stock instead) and it tasted just right to me!

The finished product - Courgette and Tomato soup Getting my soup on!The recipe says it makes 8-10 portions, not sure what size they were, but I split mine into 6 servings ( 2 ladles per portions)!

The finished product - Courgette and Tomato soup

This soup is great, and even better if you are watching your figure as its 0 WEIGHT WATCHER points ( if you use low calorie oil spray instead of veg or oil oil and no milk )!!! Which is great news!

I like to serve the soup with a chunk of crusty bread or I think I am going to try it with some cheesy bread one cold night mmmmm!!




2 thoughts on “Souper Douper!

  1. Sounds lush! I made the most amazing sticky toffee pudding last weekend for a dinner party. I’ll see if I can find the recipe for you to try 🙂

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