Cocktail’o Clock!

Like most ladies I do love a good cocktail! To find a good cocktail in a decent bar can be a difficult thing in London, but I do believe I have found it – The London Cocktail Club.

Its located off Shaftesbury avenue ( the quiet end) and if you didn’t know it was there you could miss it altogether. Through the door you go down the stairs to a dimly lit, music filled room. The bar is small, but plenty of seating. The bar area itself if small, but surrounded by rows and row of bottles or every spirit you could think off, some locked away in a glass cabinet. The bar staff themselves are amazingĀ  – I will always be amazed at home they can make 5 or 6 different cocktails at once, remembering what goes into each and adding an entertaining flare to it as well.


The cocktails are varied, one page of the menu dedicated to the happy hour selection, which is your more normal selection, such as mojoitos and french martinis. The rest of the menu is full of wonderous concoctions, my favourite from our visit was the Brixton Riot, a fruity concoction that is set alight ( the barman keeping us all entertained by setting the bar on fire as well)! My friends became quite partial to the Espresso Martini which comes with a bourbon cream on the side – a nice touch I think!

If you want a cool bar that plays good music and a decent cocktail at a reasonable price then head to the London Cocktail Club!


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