Chocolate and Custard Tarts

Who doesn’t love Easter and the baking it inspires!! The tv is full of easter baking shows making you salivate at all the chocolate  goodies! This year one particular show that inspired was Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry ( the Queen of Baking) Great British Bake off Easter special ( for those that are avid followers of the Great British Bake Off will understand their brilliant chemistry).

Well Paul inspired me with his Chocolate and Custard Tarts! They are a little different and I figured that not being entirely chocolate would come as a nice change! Paul’s recipe included making your own puff pastry, and custard. The full recipe is here I however made a few changes, in what I call a ‘cheats’ version!

So what made it a cheats version…. firstly I went to the shop and got ready-made puff pastry ( a light version so lower in fat!), secondly because time was against me ( I was making them for a Boat race party on easter sunday!) I used fresh custard ready made, but you could easily make your own or use the powered kind as realistically not everyone has time to make custard!

Ingredients – Puff pastry, custard and chocolate!

To start I greased a 12 hole muffin tin and pre-heated the oven to 200C. Then I rolled out and cut out 12 x 9cm discs and put each pastry disc in the muffin holes. Line with baking parchment and fill with baking beans to blind bake for 10-15mins.

cutting out the pastrygetting ready for the blind baking

Allow the pastry cases to cool completely before filling them.

cooked casesWhen cool, fill about 2/3 of the way with custard. When all are filled, melt the chocolate ( best way is in a bowl over simmering water), and then drizzle the melted chocolate over the custard. Then use a skewer or a chop stick to swirl the custard and chocolate together.

chocolate When ready pop them in the oven ( Paul said for 10mins but I found mine needed longer, so left them in for 20mins, until they start to firm up, but they will get firmer when they have cooled!).

the finished product

Once cooled, tuck in!!! These little tarts flew out of the tin! The chocolate added a nice twist to the traditional custard tart! If I had more time then I would have definitely made the custard from scratch as it would have made the difference, but as a quick and easy thing to make for friends and family to enjoy then I do not feel bad using ready-made custard!


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