Every Occassion Lemon Tart!

I love Lemon Tart! I came to this realisation late in life but now that I am aware of it, life is good! The first time I ever had a slice of tart au citron was in Morocco, while staying at a Riad in Fez. The owners were a french/ german couple and oh did the french wife make an amazing tart au citron!The sun is finally shinning in London town and its making me lust after yummy summer deserts, the perfect dish for al fresco dining and summer berries.

I have tried a couple of recipes over the last couple of years but keep coming back to the same one, which is simple and easy, and then I vary the accompaniment depending on the crowd. The recipe is one by Greg Wallace, yes the bald guy off MasterChef! He is a self-proclaimed pudding man and with this tart he certainly knows what he is doing. The recipe can be found here http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/380616/greggs-tangy-lemon-tart.  I found that you needed a bit more zest and juice than is suggested in the recipe to give it an extra lemony kick, so I would definitely juice 3 lemons and put in at least 3 teaspoons of zest ( but give the mix a quick taste as depending on the size of your lemons you may want to add a bit more juice or zest).

The tart itself is simple to make and doesn’t require too much prior cooking experience ( you can always buy a ready-made pastry case or pastry if you really want to cheat!). The finished product is sweet, lemony and fresh, exactly what you want on a warm evening, or hell on a cold night! I like to top my tart with fresh berries ( or serve them slightly warm on the side) with a spoonful of clotted cream ( hear the arteries scream!). If you really wanted to get fancy you could serve it with freshly whipped cream that has lemon curd swirled through it mmmmm!!!tartNot the best picture in the world of my tart au citron, but it is delicious!!!  Go and make summery citrus based deserts!!


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