Turkish Delights – Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of those places that conjures up images of fairy chimneys, geological wonders and a sky full of hot air balloons. I remember first seeing Cappadocia on a Michael Palin programme and thinking how amazing the rock formations and landscape looked. When  investigating our trip to Turkey – it very quickly went from a long weekend in Istanbul to a tour of the country! this was one of the places we wanted to visit. Thanks to the super cheap internal flights that Pegasus airways offer we could do it quickly and cheap!

With limited time to explore Cappadocia we decided to book a tour so that we could see as much as possible. We booked one with Urban Adventure (although operated by Rock Valley tourism and travel agency) as it was a full day and seemed to encompass lots of different things but we also knew it would be a small group which is what we wanted, none of this 40+ people clambering off a coach.

We based ourselves in a very cute rock hotel in Goreme, one that I would highly recommend, called the Andylini Cave Hotel. Its owned and operated by a family who bend over backwards to make your stay memorable. The rooms are spacious and simple, the views stunning, and the breakfast tempts you stay there all day! Goreme is a small town, the main street lined with cafes, restaurants and tourist shops but its home to the Goreme open air museum which attracts hordes of tourists, but is a pleasant place to stay.

Now I could rattle on about the history and the geology of the area but I wont, instead I will just fill this post with pictures of the lovely scenery and let you make up your own mind about this amazing place!

Mount Erciyesview from the hotel - GoremeRock formations around Goremehorse riding tour around the Goreme valleyvalley around Goreme - fairy chimneysGoreme valleyGoreme valleyhorseing around in GoremeGoreme valley at sunsethot airballoon over GoremeDevrent ValleyPasabaglariPasabaglariView over GoremeUchisar rock castle

Cappadocia is definitely somewhere that you should try to visit if you can. It will offer a completely different perspective on Turkey, it shows how diverse a country it is!!


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