Grow your Own…..

I have never been into gardening, something to do with creepy crawlies… yuck! But as I get more and more into cooking, there is something nice about having fresh herbs on hand. My parents have always had fresh herbs in the garden, and over the last few years have been growing more and more of their own vegetables. I have to admit I am a little bit jealous. Whenever I go home to visit in the summer I always end up coming back with home-grown produce, mostly tomatoes and green beans, I even had cucumbers last year. On occasion I have been known to receive mysterious packages at work, one time it was a corn on the cob…. that’s family love!

green fingered inspiration…. maybe a touch dramatic!

So after my recent visit to Columbia Road flower market I stocked up on fresh herbs. I normally have a basil plant sitting on the window sill in the kitchen but I have decided its time to go one step further – a herb planter! With limited space ( one lonely window sill in the kitchen) I have had to get imaginative. My little herb planter, or garden …. ok it’s not a garden but it paints a pretty picture…. is the creation from a bag of compost and a plastic tub from the 99p shop, nothing fancy but it has certainly done the job!

the herb gardenSo there it sits, in all its glory. Chives, Basil and Oregano growing together, the Moroccan Mint has got its own pot as mint has a tendency to grow quite big. Fingers crossed they don’t all die on me, and if I succeed then hurrah!

Wish me luck!


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