Reasons to Love London – Wimbledon

It’s that time of year again when the weather is unpredictable, strawberry and cream flies off the supermarket shelves, and the country goes tennis mad, it can only be Wimbledon!


It’s almost the Wimbledon final wekeend and I was lucky enough to have seats on Centre Court on the first Thursday, thank goodness for that new roof otherwise the drizzle would have meant no play at all ( the outside courts stopped play from about 5pm). Wimbledon is a fabulous British institution, a great tennis tradition. Where else would you find Henman Hill ( more recently christened Murray Mount), hardy tennis fans facing all weathers to watch tennis on the big screen and supporting the home-grown talent.

Wimbledon Ticket

On thursday as we arrived in the sun we headed to Henman Hill and took in the atmosphere and watched the match that was being played on the big screen. Pimms and champagne was already out and the great British picnic was on full display. We of course had our own little picnic, thank you M&S! There is something so quintessentially British about a picnic, perhaps it’s because we will enjoy them what ever the weather, even if it means sitting in the car while it pours outside.

Pimms at WimbledonWimbledon- Centre Court

Feeling inspired by my lovely day at Wimbledon it got me thinking about all the fabulous summer recipes you can make with strawberries, and of course one of my favourite deserts popped into my head…. EATON MESS! What is not to like about Eaton mess –  cream, meringue and fresh summer berries yum!

Summer Mess

1/2 meninges ( home-made or shop bought) depending on size of the glass/bowl, broken into bit size pieces

2/3 tbsp thick double cream

fresh strawberries ( as many as you like!) sliced.

Blueberries ( again as many as you like!)

2 tsp lemon curd

Summer Mess ingredients

This is all about layers…..Mix the meringue with the cream to start with.

Then put a layer of strawberries in a glass or bowl, then some blueberries. Drizzle the lemon curd over the berries( the lemon curd is of course optional but it gives an extra sweet and tang to the whole desert – plus I am a little bit obsessed with lemon curd at the moment!)

Berries on the way to being a Mess

Berries on the way to being a Mess

Put a spoonful of the cream/meringue mix into the glass and start the layering process again. Depending on the size of the glass you could get two or three layers. Top the cream with some strawberries to finish.

Summer Mess

This is a desert that is best enjoyed straight away, get a spoon and dig in!


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