Roast Chorizo Hash

Staring back at me in the fridge is a chunk of left over Chorizo, its been there for a couple of days now, its baiting me, I can hear “eat me” every time I look at it. My problem with chorizo is once I open the packet I want to consume the whole thing straight away, the moment I smell the sweet smoked paprika I am lost, so having a piece of chorizo left in the fridge is torment. This particular chorizo was bought to make a spanish chicken casserole ( to appear on this blog shortly) but I didn’t need the whole thing so I am left debating what to make with the left overs. I could of course just fry it off and toss it on a salad, or make a tortilla, but no, I want something new,something exciting and then on a sunday morning it hits me – Chorizo Hash!


The Hash solves many a meal time dilemma, its quick and easy and you can pretty much make it with any meat. Of course my favourite to date is my Mum’s corned beef hash which I never seem to be able to make as well so fate has meant me to make my own signature hash!

Throwing the Chorizo in a roasting tray with some new potatoes and red onion, top with herbs and roast. 20 minutes later topped with a poached egg I had a perfect brunch!

Hash, its such a perfect meal! Normally I always make it with corned beef but when chorizo calls. This recipe makes about 2 meals, or 3/4 if you are just having it as a side dish to something else. The poached egg is optional but I would always recommend it as the runny yolk is just what you need on the side.

Roast Chorizo Hash

275g new potatoes chopped or cubed

100g chorizo sliced

1 red onion chopped ( fairly chunky)

a touch of oil

salt and pepper

Par boil the new potatoes for about 7/8 mins then drain and pop them into a roasting tin. Add the chorizo and onion and drizzle with olive oil and season.

Chorizo hash

Pop them in an oven ( 180 degrees) for about 20 minutes until the potatoes are crispy and golden.

Chorizo hash and poached egg

Serve your hash piled high and topped with a poached egg!


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