I finally did it, I went to Bubbledogs, the wondrous restaurant that combines hot dogs and champagne! Amazing! Why has no one thought about this combination of food before? I realise it has been open for quite a few months now, but it was on my list and I have finally ticked it off.

Following the trend of quite a few establishments at the moment,  you cannot book a table unless you are six people or more, slightly annoying but if you are not in a rush then it’s not too much of  a problem. We went on a Thursday night and arriving at 6.45 there was already a queue.  After about 20 minutes the assistant manager came out and explained there would probably be an hours wait…. Sigh! We decided to hold strong and would wait it out to see what all the hype was about.

As we get closer to the door you can see why there is a queue, inside is small, every last bit of space is taken up with high tables and bar stools, this is space utilised. The menu above the bar can be seen from the queuing area so you can peruse while you wait.


The menu, simple, you choose your dog – beef, pork or veggie and then your topping.  I went with the Sloppy Joe, why not, whats wrong with meat topped with more meat right?! The chilli could have done with a bit of heat, but as a chilli goes it wasn’t bad, a touch sweet but full of flavour. My sister had the Forth of July which is wrapped in bacon and topped with coleslaw. The slaw was flavourful and had just the right amount of crunch.  The sides continue with the simplicity of the menu, a choice of coleslaw, sweet potato fries or tots.  Having not seen tots on a menu outside of school dinner menu we couldn’t resist the novelty.


Of course as the name suggests the main drink of choice are the bubbles. The champagne list was long and varied and had a good price range, so all wallets are welcome. We went with one of the cheaper bottles (£32) and found a crisp, fresh and delicious champagne, There is no worry about your bottle getting warm as the waiters keep the bottles in ice buckets off to one side and keep you topped up at all times. In fact the service throughout the evening was great, from the assistant manager keeping us updated about wait times, to the happy helpful waiters.

In fact, other than the waiting time we had a delightful meal. I would certainly go back and have already recommended it to everyone who asks. The queuing is a bit of an issue, and I would certainly plan my next visit with this in mind and try to only go when there was a group of us so we could book in advance, but if you get their before 7pm and are not in a rush then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Bubbledogs is a nice change to the ever-increasing population of burger restaurants, and its two main menu items certainly makes it novel. For good food and great service this is a must visit in London.

http://www.bubbledogs.co.uk/home Bubbledogs is found on Charlotte Street in Central London ( closest tubes are Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road stations).

( the images on this post are taken from google search as my camera decided to die that day and I was cameraless… images are referenced accordingly)


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