Ice Cream and Cupcakes

I love wandering around London aimlessly you always end up finding the best places. I heard the best advice about London this weekend – never take a map to London the best way to discover the city is by getting lost – amazing advice! So wandering around on my way to Covent Garden in a bid to avoid the crowds I headed up New Row street. I have walked up here before but in the evening so never really took the shops in. But on this lovely sunny day I wandered down New Row street and happened upon two delightfully delicious shops.

La Gelatiera –  This is the home of artisan gelato. The flavours are original and delicious. On this particular occasion we had Eaton Mess, smooth creamy ice cream with fresh berries and bits of meringue running through it, and Biscuit ice cream which had chunks of biscuit running through it. . The ice cream isn’t cheap but this is quality stuff, so at £3 a scoop ( and they are generous) it’s definitely worth a visit for something a little bit unusual.

Biscuit Ice cream

Sweet Couture – this gem of a cupcake store is just further up New Row street from La Gelatiera. I do not know how I haven’t discovered this shop before! The shop is tiny, just enough space to get inside and look at the cake cabinet, there are a couple of tables outside, so if the weather is good you can sit, otherwise this is a pick up and go type of cake shop. I went with a good old vanilla cupcake topped with blue frosting. The sponge was moist, and not dry like you sometimes find with cupcakes and the frosting sweet and fluffy. This was a great cupcake, good frosting to cake ratio and not overly sweet. I will definitely be going back! .

Vanilla Cupcake

These are definitely two shops that you need to make sure are on your list to visit when in London walking around and in need of a sugar hit.


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