Lebanese Spiced Couscous

How is it the end of August already?! This year is flying by at an uncontrollable rate and summer is almost over – sad times! All over the radio this morning people were declaring summer over as its now September, the schools are back in session and new fabulous scarves are filling the shelves in clothes shops( I know it’s not cold enough but I have seen the most adorable knitted snood I need to get my hands on!). As a last hurrah to summer my friend hosted the last BBQ of the season. We gathered in her back garden, buckets filled with ice and beer and lounged like lizards taking in the sun.

As usual the men folk gathered around the BBQ debating whether it was hot enough, if more coals were needed, and when was an appropriate time to start putting the meat on…. it looked quite intense, like they were debating serious world matters. What is it about men and this primeval need to take control when cooking outdoors on coals! We women on the other hand lounged listening to the tunes of summer with cider in hand. This… this is how Saturday’s were made to be spent, in the sunshine with good food and good company.


The ultimate man tool - the BBQ

The ultimate man tool – the BBQ




Summer drinking - Limencello!

Summer drinking – Limencello!

Of course, traditionally a BBQ is meat heavy, but it is not complete without some yummy salads to go on the side of that meat filled plate. As someone who likes to feed people and never goes to a party empty-handed, I whipped up a super easy and tasty Lebanese inspired couscous salad. This was just yet another excuse for me to use my new and exciting Steenberg spice mixes.


( This was feeding a group of about 12 people)

250g couscous

2 courgettes

1 pepper

1 red onion

150g cherry tomatoes

2-3 teaspoons of Steenbergs Lebanese 7 Spice.

To start with, I chopped up my vegetables and roasted them off in the oven for about 20-25mins ( oven temp. 180 degrees). I used Courgettes, onions, peppers and tomatoes but it’s completely up to you what roast veg you want in it.

Get those Veggies roasted

Get those Veggies roasted


Then once the veg is roasted you can start to prepare the couscous. Put the 250g of couscous into a large bowl and cover with 300ml of boiling water, stir with a fork and cover the bowl with cling film. Give it 5 minutes to absorb all the water, remove the film and fluff the couscous up. At this point I give it a quick drizzle of oil, and stir in the first teaspoon of Lebanese spice.

Couscous and spice

Couscous and spice

Mix in the roast vegetables

Mix in the roast vegetables


Then pop the roast vegetables in and stir through. Pop another teaspoon of the Lebanese spice in and give it another good stir so everything is coated and the vegetables distributed evenly. You can add another teaspoon of spice in you think necessary but its down to taste!

Lebanese spiced couscous

Lebanese spiced couscous

And there you have it, a quick and yummy summer salad that goes tremendously well with a BBQ! Fingers crossed this Indian summer we have been promised comes good!



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