Creighton’s Chocolate!

We are Creighton’s!, that’s how they declare themselves on Twitter, and their unique chocolate flavourings certainly make them stand out! Run by a mother and daughter and named after Grandma they want to put the fun back into chocolate making!

I first came across Creighton’s when researching for a story about bacon flavoured food, and the magical world of the internet introduced me to Creighton’s. Having had a good old look through their website its clear to see  they are offering something a little bit different to the normal every day chocolate. Based in Leighton Buzzard they have a great website which you can order from but they also have stockists all over the country.

I have been lucky enough to try a few of their chocolate flavours and have enjoyed all of them. The chocolate itself if good stuff and then paired with a unique flavour mix it adds something else to the experiences. The flavours I have tried are

–          Makin Bacon Chocolate – milk chocolate with maple bacon flavoured pieces

–          Fizzy Cola – cola flavoured chocolate with popping candy

–          Sanguinello  – a smooth and creamy dark chocolate flavoured with orange

–          Peanut Nutter  – milk chocolate full of salty peanuts

All four flavours are delicious.


My favourites would have to be the Cola flavoured chocolate and the orange. The cola chocolate is crazy, your brain doesn’t quite understand what is happening, this is milk chocolate but it tastes just like a glass of coke… oh and wait, yes there goes the popping candy! I tried so hard to make this bar last but it was gone so very quickly!

The Orange chocolate was an unexpected delight. I am a bit picky when it comes to dark chocolate, it has to be just right, not too bitter and creamy. This little number hits all the right marks. It’s a creamy chocolate and not bitter at all and the orange flavouring is just right.

As me and my housemate flick through their Christmas catalogue and circle all the things we want to buy and scoff our way through its clear Creighton’s has become a firm favourite!

Check them out!


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