Bageriet – A touch of Sweden in Central London

So it was pay-day this week, it’s getting colder, the cardigan over the summer dress just will not cut it, so yes I was shopping this weekend! It’s amazing how tiring clothes shopping can be, fighting through the crowds of tourists, trying to justify ever item you pick up as to why you should have it and then the queuing… oh the queuing for the changing rooms! But after all of that you deserve a reward!

Tucked down a little side street off Long Acre in Covent Garden is Bageriet a little Swedish hideaway. Its tiny, you could walk past it and not realise what it was if it wasnt for the mouth-watering window display of bread and pasties! I had to use all of my strength not to throw myself against the window and dribbling!


Inside its clean and simple and tiny. On one side the shelves are stocked with Swedish pastries and bags of biscuits, on the other side a couple of tables so you can sit and enjoy inside. There is a cold cabinets full of more treats and savoury sandwiches.

As it was lunch time it only felt right to start with savoury so I tucked into a meatball and beetroot open sandwich on sourdough. It was a combination I would never have put together but it was delicious. As a Swedish bakery it was only right that they stocked traditional Swedish soda, and the raspberry Hallonsoda was great. Of course once the savoury was done it was time to attack the sweet. There is so much to choose from and its all baked fresh on the premises, the two bakers popping out occasionally to restock the trays or to give orders to incoming Swedish customers ( yes there was a great deal of Swedish chatting going on!). The fact that while we were in Bageriet there were more Swedish customers than British only goes to prove that they have a strong following and its completely justified.

So enough of this rambling I hear you say tell us about the pastries…. well where does one start! You had gorgeous golden cinnamon buns, vanilla custard filled pastries, a brioche filled with chocolate and hazelnut, little pastry filled treats, and then vanilla whip covered in chocolate that looked like ultimate christmas treats!  I myself tried the custard filled pastry which was topped with icing. The pastry was light and flakey, the custard not too sweet and the icing just adding that touch of decadence. My sister had a vanilla twist that had meringue in it… looked and tasted yum!


As an extra treat I decided to take a pastry home so I could enjoy a touch of decadence for breakfast the next day…. so a brioche filled with chocolate and hazelnut filling and topped with almonds, this was beautiful. It was light and fluffy and just the right amount of bread to chocolate, the soft bottom with a slightly crunchy top was perfect.


This my friends is my favourite new place to get pastries!


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