Vintage Car Boot!

Now there is the grand old British tradition of car boot sales on a Sunday morning. I have no idea where this tradition comes from or how it’s still going but it is. For anyone who has never been to a car boot sale, the basics are, you rock up in your car with all the stuff you no longer want, you get a trestle table, or literally open your car boot and pop your stuff out to sell…. Yes it’s that simple. They happen on fields all over the UK and on occasion after rifling through all the crap you can find a couple of bargains!

So when I heard there was going to be a Vintage car boot sale on the delightfully quirky South Bank, I just had to go. I haven’t been to a car boot in years and the novelty of vintage stuff was certainly appealing. The Vintage car boot sale also had another USP…. The vintage wares were being sold out of vintage cars, oh yes!

Vintage Car Boot Sale

Arriving at the South Bank on a glorious autumnal sunny day, as you headed to the entrance to the car boot (entrance was £3 but it was worth it to see all the beautiful cars) it’s lined with vintage automobiles. I am not going to pretend to know a thing about cars, hell I do not even drive, but I can certainly appreciate the design and beauty of some of these cars, they just instantly take you back to a more glamorous era, you want to jump into one of them and be whisked off by Don Draper. Heading into the car boot itself, it was full of stunning vintage cars, some just for display and others full of vintage clothing and articles to be bought.

Vintage Car Boot Sale

Lady Penelope's I presume?

Lady Penelope’s I presume?

There were lots of people taking the vintage theme very seriously, which was great to see, and lots of the stuff on sale. For me I wanted something for the house, I have gotten quite into collecting random pieces ( not that I have anywhere to put them) but as I get more and more into my blog and read more and more of other blogs, I want to expand my collection of plates and platters, so that was what I was looking for. About half way round we came across a stall selling tea sets… yes! There were full tea sets or individual cups, saucers and cake plate… these were ideal, just what I wanted. I could have quite happily bought a full tea set for 4 or 6 but I was controlled and just got myself a dainty little china cup which I now proudly drink out of and pretend to be lady!

its so mini!

its so mini!

so many different things on sale

so many different things on sale

so much china....

so much china….

The whole venue was buzzing, luckily the weather held. There was a big old London bus pumping out music from the DJ decks, on the other side of the car park was an array of street food sellers, some playing their own music so your ears were constantly trying to differentiate which tune was coming from where. Having purchased my lovely china cup set … shopping is hungry work…. We headed over to the street food and grabbed a massive hot dog. But there were so many choices on offer it was hard to pick… it was tempting to grab a cocktail but sense prevailed and we got ice cream instead!

there was a lot of random stuff

there was a lot of random stuff

.... and creepy stuff!

…. and creepy stuff!

The Vintage car boot sale was a great bit of novelty fun to be had on a Saturday afternoon. As we left there was still a queue of people trying to get in and the car park was full. Seeing all the vintage cars in such great condition plus the opportunity to buy some random vintage stuff was great fun. If it’s on again next year I will most likely swing on by!


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