Its January and like everyone I am attempting to detox from the excess of December, I even said I was going to give up booze for the month of January ( well from the 4th Jan as I had plans for the 2nd and 3rd… oops!) but in one evening I managed to break all the rules of healthy eating and not drinking, the reason for this – MEATliquor! ooops!

Opening in 2011 Meatliquor was at the start of  the burger resurgence. Over the last couple of years more and more burger restaurants have opened up offering high quality, hand-made burgers, artisan buns like brioche and a range of toppings. A range of prices come with these burgers but Meatliquor offer great food at a great price. The only downside is its following the trend of many restaurants at the moment of not taking reservations. We were lucky, arriving at 7.15pm we didn’t have to wait more than 10mins outside before we got moved inside to the bar, where the temptation of cocktails awaited us.

Inside it’s fairly dark, there is a good mix of music playing, the tables in the front are a mix of tables and booths, at the back is the bar and more tables. We sat in the back behind the meat locker curtains ( stained red for effect!) it was a little less atmospheric than sitting in the main part of the restaurant but still nice and the staff were attentive.

Inside Meatliquor

Inside Meatliquor

The Liquor in Meatliquor

The Liquor in Meatliquor

So lets start with the cocktails, as half the restaurants name states, liquor makes up half of this place. The cocktail list is long, I quickly became a fan on of the Summer of Love, mango vodka, lemon juice, passionfruit and grapes – its long, fresh and tastes like you are getting some of your five a day! If I hadn’t been a wee bit hung over from the night before then I would have made it further down the list, but it’s a great reason to go back and carry on trying that list of drinks!

Right, let’s get to the important bit, the meat. The burger list is long but not too long that you sit there pondering your choice for ages, and surprisingly the veggie option actually sound really nice. The burger, its a good hand-made patty, grilled to a medium/ well, a touch crispy on the outside and moist and a little pink in the middle. Then the toppings, a good range. I went traditional bacon cheese, they don’t try to get fancy with the cheese its a good old american melty cheese, the bacon crispy and cooked to perfection ( I hate it when the bacon isnt crispy!). Then we get to the bread, I find it annoying when burger places serve their burgers in massive rolls as the bread fills you up too much, the bread at MEATliquor was just the right ratio, a soft thin bun. So all in all it was a flippin good burger!

The amazing burgers arrived!

The amazing burgers arrived!

The sides of course make up the meal, the fries were crisp, the portion was huge, one between two of us was more than enough. We also went with onion rings, which were just the right amount of crisp! The meal came served on a tray, quite quaint, clearly an effective way to keep the washing up down and to keep with that deconstructed feeling that was going on with the décor.

Overall this was a great burger and a great dinner. The queuing does put me off, as I worry if I got there later than 7.30 on a Saturday evening I could end up queuing for a while, but the lure of the great cocktails, good service and great food is a reason to keep queuing!


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