Berlin – Food for Thought

Berlin isn’t know as a food capital,  when you talk to someone about German food your mind goes to sausages and schnitzle, and yes the first time I visited the fine city I probably would have said the same but being someone who likes to sniff out a great foody stop I persevered and have found some gems! If you scratch the surface then there is more to Berlin than bratwurst.

As much as I love Bratwurst sometimes you need more.

As much as I love Bratwurst sometimes you need more.

So I have put together three of my favourite new finds in Berlin that give you something a little bit different…. in no particular order

1. Gugelhof

The guide books all sell Gugelhof as the place Bill Clinton once ate, but it is much more than that. This Alsatian restaurant is warm and welcoming from the moment you arrive.  Now I wasnt sure what to expect of the food, as to be honest I was not entirely sure what Alsatian food consisted of, but was pleasantly surprised by everything we ate. The food, highly French in nature but with a German twist was hearty and warming and made you feel like you were in the French countryside chatting with locals rather than the middle of a city.

Having been around since the 90’s this has become a firm favourite in Berlin and I can see why, the flavoursome and hearty menu is varied offering traditional Alsatian fare such as stews and tartes. Be prepared though this food is not for the calorie counter.

Outside Gugelhof

2. White Trash Fast Food

This place was recommended by a friend of my sisters. The place is decked out in what can only be described as the mind of Captain Jack Sparrow – part rock club, part tikki bar! From the front it doesn’t look like the biggest of restaurants but as you head further back it just keeps going, and downstairs, if you get bored with dinner ( or have one too many beer steins) then there is a tatoo parlor downstairs as well as a club! The staff themselves were incredibly friendly and we were not rushed at all which is always great especially as the restaurant was really busy. I would recommend booking ahead unless you want to eat early, especially over the weekend as it looks like this place is never quite. At the weekends there is live music and DJs.

A rock n roll tiki hut!

Dive right in!

Dive right in!

Food wise, the burgers are the draw here but there is a range of American inspired food here, plus Asian, Mexican, Swiss and French – so all sorts really! We all went with burgers and to accompany it, a good old German half litre of beer…. or two. The burgers themselves were great, good flavour and a range of toppings. Just be careful with the sides we ordered the large onion rings between three of us and it was enough to feed a small family.

Fill your face with juicy burgers!

Fill your face with juicy burgers! (Not the best picture but trust me it was a good burger!)

can you have too many onion rings?

can you have too many onion rings?

After totally over indulging in chilli topped burgers, crispy fries and far too many onion rings we all decided it was of course a good idea to order desert! One giant brownie later ( with its cream, ice cream and customary cherry on top) and I was beyond full but it was so very good – moist, nutty and chocolatey! Everything you want in a brownie.

Super chocolate and indulgent desert!

Super chocolate and indulgent desert! Could this be any more American!


3. Mogg and Melzer

This is one of the best finds I have ever made in Berlin. Big statement I know but I am making it. I first read about this place on Conde Nast Traveller and decided it need trying out. Mogg and Melzer is one of the new Jewish inspired eateries popping up in Berlin. Housed in an old girls school which is now home to 4 floors of galleries and restaurants, Mogg and Melzer is a tiny little space great for lunch.


Inside super cool Mogg and Melzer

short but sweet menu

short but sweet menu

The pastrami sandwiches are the big draw, but we went for the pulled pork and avocado sandwich which was rich with flavour and the meat just melted in your mouth. Served in door stop wedge bread and creamy coleslaw this was a delicious lunch stop.



We timed it just right getting the last table in this tiny establishment and it stayed busy the entire time we were  there. The three chefs behind the counter never stopped, busy making fabulous sandwich after fabulous sandwich. The poor waitress dashed between tables and never stopped but the entire time it was a relaxed atmosphere and most definitely somewhere I will be returning too and will recommend! Located in trendy Mitte there is plenty to see in the area especially if you like art!



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