Bounce Ping Pong

Now when I heard about a bar / restaurant that had ping pong tables I got a little bit excited. I am easily pleased and love a bit of novelty, so of course I went the first opportunity that arose. As always I am a little bit behind the hype and Bounce has been open for a couple of years so forgive me for getting excited about something that is old hat, but I don’t care!

Bounce prides itself on the fact that it is located on the spot where ping pong was apparently invented, how true that is, I don’t know, how much it means when you get there, not a bit. Although one nice little feature is that they have the ping pong table from the 2012 Olympic final!

I thought that maybe there was going to be too much hype about this place but it was so much fun and we all agreed that we needed to go back. So how does it work I hear you cry! If there are more than 6 you can book tables in advance, otherwise they keep a bunch of tables back for walk ins. We were the walk ins, so when we arrived at 6.30pm we booked ourselves a table, and got one for 10pm ( that was the first one available). This wasn’t a problem for us as we were going to eat and were waiting for another friend to join us later on, but if you want something a bit earlier I would book a table as soon as you get there. You can book a table for 30mins or 60mins, we just went for 30mins which was just right because after wine your skills are not exactly Olympic standard. If you want to make a real ping pong night of it then go for the hour, I think we will next time!

We ladies are ping pong ready

We ladies are ping pong ready

The bar which sits in the middle of the ping pong area has a great selection of cocktails, however there is limited seating, mainly because the ping pong tables, the star of the show, take up the space but it’s quite fun standing around and watching everyone play. Plus once you are at your ping pong table you get table service so no need to worry about your glasses running dry.

Always ping pong ready!

Always ping pong ready!

The restaurant which is located away from any flying ping pong balls on a raised area towards the back is nice and airy but void of atmosphere, and its not somewhere I would rush back to for food. The choice of antipasti and pizza is pretty wide but the food itself is mediocre. We had an antipasti platter to share and this was the highlight of the meal. The pizza’s were nothing special and definitely lacked flavour. If you are heading to Bounce I would say eat somewhere else first otherwise you will just be disappointed!

Down in the ping pong zone it is full of atmosphere and it screams fun from the moment you get there. Going down the stairs from street level you enter a world of music and ping pong. The entire night the air was filled with a range of awesome tunes that you could sing and dance along to. Everyone was having such a great time, it was hard not to join in. Throughout the evening, there was the opportunity to play group competitions on the main table. We joined in on many ’round the table’ games which led to great competitiveness and hilarity and then they put the black light on and it just becomes a great party atmosphere. The crowd thinned a bit around 10:30ish but that just gave people space to dance to the brilliant tunes!

Fabulous black lights and fluresent ceilings

Fabulous black lights and fluorescent ceilings

This was one of the best nights out I have had in a long time, Bounce knows how to put on a great night and I will most definitely be going back on many occasions, but I may need to work on my ping pong skills first!


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