101 Posts! Where does time go?!

‘You have reached 100 posts’ ….. say what!! That was the message I got when I posted about my visit to Bounce…. how have I written 100 posts already – how time flies! Which makes this 101, that’s right I have enough posts to make a blog post coat!!

I jest of course, you cannot make a coat out of blog posts… unless I printed them out, laminated them and stapled them together…. hrm….  clearly the terrible weather has gotten to me today.

So what does one talk about on their hundred and first blog post? It should probably be something prolific, profound and meaningful…. but then again none of my other posts have been so why start something I will not continue. Things like this always make you reminisce and ponder what has been but also it is great at making you think about where you are going!

The future, such a scary thought! I am quickly spiralling towards a landmark birthday, although I will continue to lie about my age, but there is so much to look forward to coming up, holidays, gigs, new restaurants to try,  birthday PRESENTS, more holidays…….  and more holidays, that I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to think about the future. For me there is a lot of planning at the moment with regards to the old blog and writing as I am really trying to get my freelance stuff out there and always looking for new inspiration.

The future is also exciting as you do not know what is going to happen. One very exciting future, is that of my darling friends Ailsa and Rich who got married at the weekend – they are two people setting off on an awesome adventure – a future together… FOREVER! It was such a lovely day ( yes I am doing a wedding shout out!) and a wonderful chance to catch up with people who I haven’t seen in ages and again reminisce about the good old days of youth!

Anyway, that’s enough pontificating from me! The future, it’s an adventure, and in my blogging future there will be lots more food…. quite a bit of beer…. and travel stories. I hope you continue to join me on these adventures and share your thoughts with me for the next 100 posts!

Enjoy your pondering of the future!



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