Moose Maple Butter

It’s amazing how you discover new things. I sometimes wonder how much social media actually helps self promotion until I am looking at Twitter and discover something new. Someone I follow had retweeted a message from Moose Maple Butter and I was instantly intrigued by the name. Could this company possibly be creating a maple syrup butter – oh my pancakes! After a wee bit of investigation and nosing around the internet I saw it was true, maple flavoured butter.

Growing up in a household where your mother cannot get enough of maple syrup I know the sweet sticky smell well. Now of course it was a weekend treat but there is always a sad face when the bottle runs dry.

I of course had to get my hands on this delightful treat. Stalking Farrah of Moose Maple Butter  I got my hands on a tub of the sweet smelling butter.

So how does one come around to creating such an ingenious idea? Well its the brain child of Farrah. During a business trip to NYC she was faced with a breakfast dilemma, what to put on your toast. Trying to avoid sugary jams she reached for the maple syrup but butter and syrup now that’s going to get a bit messy and with syrup all over her hands she got thinking, surely there must be maple syrup butter out there. Searching NYC and asking around she soon realised that there was an opening in the market.

After lots of recipe testing on nieces and nephews she had the wining combination, a maple syrup butter that wasnt too sweet and a wholesome alternative to nutella or jam.

Moose Maple ButterBefore I tried it I was a bit scared by how sweet it was going to be. There is sweet and there is sickly sweet and I was really hoping it wasn’t going to be sickly.With toasted brioche I was incredibly generous with my butter serving – it would be rude not to on first try, and it was delicious! The butter melted perfectly on the warm brioche giving off the faint sweet smell of maple syrup. It was sweet but not overwhelmingly so – this is something you could quite happily keep in your fridge and not get sick of it.

mmmm maple butter on brioche!

mmmm maple butter on brioche!

To continue ones testing ( got to be thorough!) I tried it on pancakes and then of course the real test came, would the maple syrup loving mother like it – the answer was yes! She was even more generous with her butter serving than I was.

Moose Maple Butter is a fab little indulgence, perfect for weekend breakfast treats or actually any time treats. I have even tried it on my Pumpkin loaf!

Whether you spread it on brioche, toast, pancakes or waffles makes sure you are spreading it!

Moose Maple Butter launches properly in London in November ( you can currently get it in  a couple of places in South West London) and then hopefully the rest of the UK before Christmas. I am very much looking forward to lazy cold winter mornings with maple butter on toast and a hot cup of tea!


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