The Sloane Brothers Frozen Yoghurt

It’s the hottest day of the year, and it only seems to be getting hotter, what is going on! I am typically British wishing for the sun, then complaining as soon as it gets over 20 degrees. So of course it made perfect sense to take up an offer of checking out a new frozen yoghurt place that has just opened on Brick Lane, the Sloane Brothers Frozen Yoghurt.

There I was wandering over to Brick Lane trying my best not to look like I have just walked through a desert, when I came upon the bright airy shop, instant relief. The shop was empty, but it was only just 6pm so the after work crowd hadn’t started pouring in yet, but the staff instantly greeted me with a smile.


Now I do not like yoghurt, never have, but I am open to the concept of frozen yoghurt. The plain one has that tang of yoghurt, but flavoured ones are good. There is one near my office who have been going crazy with samples now the sun is out, and it would be rude not to try! The question was could the Sloane Brothers completely convince me of their product, could they win me over?

One thing I wasn’t sure about when looking at the website and menu before arriving was that they only offer 3 flavours, Vanilla, Chocolate and Dulce de Leche. They do have a dairy free option as well made with coconut milk which I thought was interesting. Many frozen yoghurt places offer many more flavours so I wondered what did these guys had to offer up to make themselves different when they only had three flavours. That question was answered rather quickly on meeting the owner Joseph, Biscuits!!!!

Yes that is right biscuits, the best of British, bourbons, custard creams and jammi dodgers to name a few. Joseph explained that the idea behind the frozen yoghurt shop was best of British, something that instantly made me warm to him. As written on the wall of the shop, legend has it that Frozen Yoghurt was invented right here in London, in the east end no less, and not the USA which many presume. It was created by accident by the Sloane Brothers. With frozen yoghurt being British he wanted to make sure it was British, so the yoghurt is British made, all the fruit is sourced from local providers, the biscuits all British, and the cakes are locally made.




So you may only have 3 base flavours ( they do occasionally do guest flavours) but you get a whole host of toppings, from sauces, to fresh fruit to the best of British biscuits and baking. I was overwhelmed with the choice. All three flavours, and the dairy free were refreshing. The chocolate one tasted of chocolate and was rich and creamy and the dulce de leche was sweet and creamy, and quickly shot to the favourite spot. Flavour picked I stared at the topping cabinets… so many choices. After much debate I went with bourbon biscuits and crumbled red velvet cake. This definitely was no longer fat-free but it was delicious!!



I would highly recommend the Sloane Brothers if you are in the mood for some frozen goodness in the Brick Lane area. It’s a friendly place that offers lovely frozen yoghurt at a reasonable price. These guys have been open for less than 2 weeks and in that first week ran out of frozen yoghurt more than once due to the high demand. With the biscuit selection it is offering something a little bit different from your normal fruit or sprinkles. Joseph wants to create a firm British brand that provides great quality British products. This is a friendly establishment offer a great product so head on over and give them a go, I certainly will be going back whenever I am in the area!


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