Secret Stonehenge

It has been a while since I properly wrote something on here; I have been rather slack over the summer with so much going on and holidays. It has been a crazy couple of months and there is still so much more going on.

Where shall I start…. I know…. My Birthday, always a good place to start! So it was a decade year this time around, sob, and my lovely family decided to treat me to a fabulous week away to celebrate/ commiserate me turning 30!

My snazzy stonehenge hut!

My snazzy stonehenge hut!

It was a total surprise, so as a control freak it was hard to let someone else take the reins on my holiday planning. However, these guys did good!!! The journey began with a sibling road trip. Trying my very best not to look out of the car window as we three kids drove to the destination the first stop on our tour arrived, Stonehenge. It was very exciting indeed as I have never been before. It was amazing, driving down the road and all of a sudden there on the horizon was the famous, glorious stone ring. It looks exactly as it does in the pictures. So we clambered out of the car (minus the delicious strawberries we picked up from a guy selling them by the side of the road – only in the countryside!) and dashed for the entrance trying to beat the buses full of tourists. It’s a popular spot and there is no way of getting away from the tourists that visit, but it’s not the end of the world.


delicious road side treats



Now there are two ways to get up to Stonehenge from the new snazzy visitors centre with its 360 degree view of the stones, you can walk across cow dotted fields or take the little shuttle bus service. We had time limits on the visit as we had places to be so we chose the lazy option and got the bus. Naughty!

Getting off the bus the walking route takes you around the stones, it may have been cloudy but on occasion the clouds cleared and the sun shone through and even more the crowds cleared and there was periods when you could see through the stones and not people, hurrah! As you walk around you cannot help but be amazed at the sure size of the stones, their age and the skill that went into getting them to this spot and carving them. The sheer wonder of this ancient site!

The Glorious Stonehenge

The Glorious Stonehenge

Stonehenge StonehengeIf you are ever in the area then I highly recommend a stop. Even if ancient history isn’t your thing, you have to appreciate the wonder of these things.

Anyway, exiting through the gift shop, where else, we headed back to the car for the next stop on our secret adventure…… lunch! And what a great lunch stop it was, the Lincoln Inn. This is a small local pub that serves delicious food. The staff were friendly and attentive, the food was great and it was in a stunning location. This was of course the location that my parents arrived as a ‘surprise’ …. Not going to lie the table set for five was a giveaway, plus a few other things! But a fabulous gastropub lunch it was.

Setting sail one more, now in convoy, where on earth were we heading……..


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